materials and methods


color fragments I make color fragments from paint and cut paper. They are a way for me to test and work out color relationships. Colors become materialized, objectified. This way, I can easily move colors around, juxtapose, discard, arrange linearly or throw together randomly.






paper construction These are the beginnings of an inquiry into what color can do. One direction was to see whether they could function like individual notes in a musical composition – music theory and color theory. I wanted to explore the concepts of harmony and dissonance. Are dissonant colors those that are “ugly” when juxtaposed, those that are complementary, those that just don’t belong to a sequence or group, etc? And then, what does it mean to resolve something dissonant? I started by making scales, chords, progressions. The painted paper fragments became the notes. Juxtaposing, ordering, throwing them in a pile, indexing, grouping them. I want to compose with them.


February 7, 2011